Florian Dombois, Haseeb Ahmed, Martin Burr,

Zoë Dowlen, Mika Elo, Julie Harboe, 

Lucie Kolb, Kaspar König, Jacob Lillemose, 

Sarine Waltenspül

Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

Using a Wind Tunnel to Reflect English

     in Art as Research – Balancing and

     Calibrating with Air and Language

For the past three years a group of artists and art/cultural historians have built and worked with a wind tunnel on the rooftop of the Zurich University of the Arts (fsp.trans.zhdk.ch). Based on this research, our contribution will combine the collective performance of the aerodynamic principle with a dialogue on wider questions of art as research regarding the invisible pull between the verbal and the nonverbal. In preparation for the presentation this extended wind tunnel group will exchange about the practice of the experiment and individual descriptions. How much do our balancing experiments differ? And how does the English language shape our perception and calibrate our thinking?