Ángel L. Martínez

Antioch University, U.S.A

     Rican/Structing for Critical Young,

     Gifted, and Brown Poetic Pedagogy

In the transdisciplinary experience of Puerto Rican Studies, there is a strong research tradition in pedagogy and poetry, yet now are intersections emerging between both. A critical writing approach in critical pedagogy is a promise of poetic performance. Poetic pedagogy is research that is sung and recited. A poet is a researcher and a researcher is a poet. Through poetized research, critical writing informs and develops critical pedagogy. In the Puerto Rican Diasporic context, poetry is infused with salsa caliente, boogaloo, and bomba y plena to create research as a poetic experience. In that spirit, I propose a poetized presentation on critical diasporic pedagogy.