Shaya Feldman

Orpheus Instituut, Belgium

     From Information to Transformation:

     Writing and Performing Gibberish

Gibberish is a liminal  area  between the music of language and the language of the music — between sense and non-sense. By performing Gibberish, I explore the  boundaries  of language and music and seek to  challenge  them.  By researching Gibberish, I provide a broader context for my  experiments and enlarge my performative tool box. Gibberish can best be understood in relation to ‘proper language’; it interacts, plays with and  deconstructs language. If Gibberish transforms language to non-sense, academic writing on Gibberish brings it back to proper language. The double position of writing on Gibberish while writing in Gibberish, helps me understand how both Gibberish and proper language function.